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Stock Control can be a tricky area of account keeping for any business. Ensuring the costs and values are managed correctly can be a huge job. Our team specializes in this area, offering complete assistance in the following areas

  • Inventory Setup - this is a critical part of stock control. Correct processing hinges on the setup being complete and concise. 
  • Inventory Processing - when stock is bought and sold it is important that the processing of these transactions are done correctly and they reflect to correct values in the accounting system. If this is not done properly, the inventory values will be incorrect, it could affect the sales values and the profit margins. Profit on sales is critical to cash flow and future planning of costs and business ventures. 
  • Inventory Valuation - the value of your stock is important for many reasons, and ensuring the value is accurate is important to every business that deals with stock. The costs of purchasing the stock is important to know, but equally important is the sale price and ensuring that the costs are completely covered. There are many factors to be considered
    • The raw cost of the stock
    • The additional costs of the stock - freight, import costs, warehousing, on costs
    • If the stock is to be valued on your accounting system with the additional costs included, especially freight/import cost. This is referred to as 'landed costs' and by adding these costs to the raw cost will give a business a better valuation of the stock costs and therefore what the sales prices should be. By understanding the true cost, a business then understands the true profit margin of the stock.
  • Landed Costs on Inventory - this is an important area to stock management to understand. If you import stock, by adding the freight and import costs to the cost of the stock, you can ascertain the true costs of the stock and this is vital for any business.


Our staff can provide assistance in all aspects of stock management, from initial setup to the maintenance and problems solving that may be needed. Some accounting packages do not allow for stock management within and therefore other programs may be needed to control stock correctly. There are a lot of different programs and 'ad-ons' on the market. Navigating through these to find the program that suits your business's needs can be arduous. We can help you find a program.

Contact our office for more information or to arrange a consultation on your business needs. 

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